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Types Clay Masks You Can Try

Of the various types of masks, currently clay masks are a favorite of women. So, have you been applying the clay mask correctly so far? Starting from how to use to frequency. The right use types clay mask can help you get a healthy and fresh face. Check out the tips below!

Today’s women find it difficult to be separated from their facial care routine, aka skincare. With the high intensity of working hours plus limited time for “me time”, it’s natural that facial care becomes a valuable thing for women. Instead of having to go to a beauty clinic regularly, some women choose to do their own treatment at home.

One of the facial treatments that has recently become a trend is the use of masks. For career women who live in the capital, of course they understand how air pollution is the number one threat that causes dull skin. Facial treatment using masks is the most favorite because it can help refresh the skin if used according to its function.

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There are so many types clay masks available in the market, ranging from sheet masks, clay masks, cream masks, peel-off masks, firming masks, purifying masks, to exfoliates. Each type of mask used is very dependent on the type of skin that a woman has. One that we will discuss is clay masks.

Quoted from Halodoc, women with oily facial skin and prone to acne are more suitable to use clay masks. Clay mask is a type of mask made from natural clay which is much more effective in cleaning dirt. Dirt and oil that clog pores will be trapped in the clay mask as it dries.

Although it tends to be more suitable for owners of oily and acne-prone skin, basically clay masks can be used by anyone as long as they suit the needs of the skin. As quoted from Sociolla, even women with dry skin can also use clay masks as part of their facial care.

White Kaolin Clay

White kaolin clay is one types clay mask that can be applied to owners of dry and sensitive skin. Various minerals contained in white kaolin clay include zinc, magnesium, calcium, and silica. The disinfectant content in this clay is able to reduce acne and skin infections. One way to use this clay is to mix it together with a few drops of essential oil before applying it to the face.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay which is suitable for oily skin. By mixing this clay with water, bentonite clay is able to absorb bacteria and toxins that are on the surface of the skin, even into the pores. In addition, regularly using this mask can also overcome allergies that are often felt by women due to the use of skincare.

French Green Clay

French green clay is a types clay mask that has the highest mineral content. Besides being suitable for oily facial skin, the use of this mask is highly recommended for women who regularly have problems with acne. As a result, facial skin is not only fresh, but also healthy because it is free from acne. In addition, the level of exfoliation of this type of clay is at a mild level so that it can give the appearance of a bright and healthy facial skin.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

Moroccan rhassoul clay which turns out to be suitable for all skin types. The use of this clay can reduce skin dryness, increase skin elasticity, improve skin texture, and brighten facial skin. You can imagine that using this clay in the long term can certainly make the skin cleaner and maintain its health. Although there are no side effects from using this type of clay, it’s a good idea to consult a dermatologist if you plan to use this clay for the long term.

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