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Recommended 7 Rose Masks for Moist Skin

Do you have dull, dry, and dehydrated skin? You can try using a rose mask aka a rose mask with rose content which can make your skin moist, hydrated, supple, and appear glowing. Here are 5 recommended rose masks for moist and glowing skin!

Evershine Rose Mask

This peel off mask with a jelly texture has a calming effect and can help relieve skin breakouts, redness, or irritation. Contains marine algae and baby rose which is processed with cold pressed technology.

The Aubree Flower Infused Hydrating Mask

You can use this mask for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off. This mask is formulated to help soften, moisturize so that the skin does not dry out and treat skin youthfulness, as well as help brighten the skin.

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The Bath Box Rose Hydrating Mask

A mask with rose petals and 85% Bulgarian rose water, Edelweiss Extract, Phragmites Kharka Extract, and Poria Cocos Extract which functions to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Eileen Grace Moisturize Rose Jelly Mask

This jelly-shaped mask is made from real rose petals, essential oils, and aloe vera extract. Use 2-3x per week to help refresh skin, protect, moisturize, and repair skin from within.

The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

A mask with a gel texture that has the function of moisturizing, nourishing, and hydrating the skin. Contains real rose petals, rose essence, rosehip oil and aloe vera.

Langsre Rose Berry 70 Sleeping Pack

This is a sleeping mask from Korea which contains rose water and rose petals. You can use this sleeping mask overnight instead of a night cream to help moisturize, hydrate, and nourish the skin overnight.

Femmue Gypsy Rose Calming Mask

This wash off mask is made of camellia flower petals, camellia flower oil and flower oil, this gel mask is also enriched with antioxidants and niacinamide which helps brighten the skin, soothes, and moisturizes the skin.

So that was the recommendation of 5 rose masks that you can try to use. If the results don’t match your expectations, don’t despair. You can try other masks that match your facial skin.

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