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How Effective is Black Mask in Beautifying Facial Skin?

Which woman does not want to look beautiful with blackhead-free facial skin. No wonder now that black mask products are very popular among women to improve facial beauty. How effective is this peel off mask product? Here is the explanation.

It’s interesting to see videos about people trying black masks which are believed to be able to remove blackheads, dead skin, and other impurities hidden in the pores of the facial skin. You can notice, almost all beauty vloggers review this black mask product.

A video on YouTube belonging to the Tiff and Cari account shows Tiff, the account owner, slowly removing a black mask. The video, which has been watched by more than 2 million viewers, has gone viral. Tiff repeatedly tried to slowly remove the black mask until her tears flowed because she endured the pain when peeling the mask off.

According to Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic, the pain arises from small hairs on the skin that are pulled out. The concept is similar to waxing for the face.

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So that the peel off process is not too painful, Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist in New York City, advises you to wash your face beforehand, so the mask is easier to remove. Jaliman and Piliang suggest that you apply this product only on the T-zone area or areas that have blackheads.

Regarding the benefits of charcoal as the main ingredient of black masks, Dr. Jaliman states that charcoal is very good for acne prone skin and for removing blackheads, because it can help reduce excess oil. However, the use of black masks should be limited.

The dangers of using a black mask

A typical black mask is black because it contains skin cleansing charcoal that will suck blackheads in clogged pores. Unfortunately, peel off masks like this black mask in fact also have the potential to damage your skin.

Andy Millward, a beautician from the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology said that this black mask effectively acts as a binder of cells on the surface of the skin and also the fine hairs on the face.

When removed, the mask will remove cells from the outer layer of the skin and hair that comes with it. “When you feel your skin feels soft and smooth after using a mask, it’s because the surface layer of your skin has been lifted,” he said. Ironically, this has the potential to cause skin irritation because all the natural oils that keep skin healthy are also removed.

The natural oils in the skin act as a chemical barrier and protect the skin from harmful microorganisms. So when you take it off, you are leaving your skin unprotected.

In addition, many women feel satisfied after seeing a lot of blackheads that are lifted and stick to the peeling mask. In fact, according to Andy, these are not comedones, but are actually sebaceous filaments, which protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

For those of you who have already used the black mask, there is no need to worry. Within 30 days, the skin will replace the oil and sebaceous filaments that have been removed, allowing your skin damage to heal. “You can use a serum that is rich in hydration and antioxidants to help the skin repair process,” adds Andy.

Safe way to get rid of blackheads

Seeing the black mask phenomenon which causes pain and is prone to skin irritation, dr. Karin Wiradarma from KlikDokter provides a solution to your blackhead problem. According to him, skin pores are outlets for oil glands (sebum), so large pores will be easily covered by sweat, oil, dead skin, and dust.

This condition can cause the ducts of the sweat glands in the skin to become blocked and inflamed. To avoid this, you need to clean your face regularly 2 times a day to prevent the formation of blackheads.

Blackheads themselves arise due to blockage of the oil glands, so the oil produced cannot be drained out and accumulates with dead skin cells. Blackheads can also occur as a result of the use of cosmetics or facial treatments that are not clean.

“The most appropriate way to get rid of blackheads is to do facials (extraction of blackheads) regularly every 2-4 weeks. It is better to do it only with a skin specialist or a beauty clinic that is supervised by a trained doctor, “explained dr. Karin.

Based on the observations of dr. Karin, masks alone are not enough to remove blackheads. Treatments such as facials or comedone extraction are required. In addition, to shrink pores after doing facials, dr. Karin also advises you to compress your face using ice water.

“The cold effect can shrink blood vessels and pores. Don’t forget to clean your face regularly, especially after activities or wearing makeup,” he added.

The use of beauty products is okay, including black masks which are believed to make facial skin smoother and free of blackheads. However, to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to consult a specialist first. This is at the same time to minimize the possibility of you being allergic to the use of certain cosmetic ingredients.

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